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Welcome to The Best Slow Cooker, the one-stop-shop with all the information you need to determine which model is the best slow cooker fit for your kitchen. Find inspiration in our Books & Recipes section and get moving toward a delicious and cost-efficient diet for you and your entire family. The Best Slow Cooker has sifted through the overwhelming quantity of options available and compiled a minimal and comprehensive starting point to get you motivated to begin slow cooking and saving money. In addition to product descriptions and our own review, we have gone through every available customer forum online to give you an Average User Rating which is gives you an overall summary of how customers have responded and rated their model of slow cooker.

hamilton beach 6 quart programmable slow cooker

Featured: Hamilton Beach 6 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

This months featured slow cooker is the Hamilton Beach 6 Quart Programmable Set 'n Forget. The added thermometer probe makes it the choice for perfectly cooking ham, whole chicken or duck. To find out why this the best rated slow cooker across retail outlets, click here.


Featured Read: I Love My Slow Cooker by Beverly Leblank

I Love My Slow Cooker by Beverly LeBlanc has been passed around our little slow cooker collective for quite some time now. It was a no brainer for any of us to feature this on the front page. Inside are more than 100 recipes which include fun original sauces and spices from curry pastes, salsas, and more.

There is not one recipe in this cook book that we have not completely fallen in love with and we are certain that you will love it as much as we have. We especially recommend the Spanish Meatballs on page 105. They are great to make in large quantities to keep for leftovers.

Among our team, I Love My Slow Cooker is the best slow cooker cookbook because of its variety. Head on over to our Books & Recipes section where we have featured several of her best recipes below the other great choices diverse, even ethnic slow cooker cookbooks. Bon Appetite!!


Save Time & Money with Slow Cooking

If you are strapped for time as most of us are than do yourself a favour and DO NOT wait any longer to start slow cooking. Take control of the time you spend on preparing for you and your family. Certainly there are many more things you can be doing with your time than breaking your head over over hours of deliberation and preparation. One simple fact that anyone with a slow cooker will agree with is that though there are plenty of amazing recipes out there almost anything out of your fridge mixed in a slow cooker will taste good after hours of cooking. Often a simple 5 minutes of decision making in the morning of what to throw in your slow cooker will save you an hour and a half after a hard days work. And it’s delicious!!

Quick Tip:

After grocery shopping take your ingredients, chop them up and package them in tupperware containers. This means your vegetables, fruits, meats and often even your spices measured in individual packages. Now all your favourite ingredients are ready to go so the next time you’re uncertain of what to prepare for dinner that evening and have to head out for the day, dinner can be hot and waiting for you by the time you get home. This half hour of preparation will save many hours down the road.

Do you want to make a significant cut in your food expenses? Consider the fact that with their large sizes slow cookers produce a lot of food, usually enough for several meals depending on the size of your family. Are you leaving work everyday to go buy yourself lunch? Bring some of your ample leftovers. They’ll save you 10 dollars a day . That’s upwards to $50.00 in savings a week, $200.00 a month and obviously $2400.00 a year!! And trust us, these leftovers will not leave you with grumpy cat face.

This is why we recommend purchasing a larger slow cooker regardless of the number of mouths you have to feed. Slow cookers are most common in 6 quart capacities though there are definitely models of 7 or 8 quarts as well, ideal for producing larger quantities. On the other hand there is the multi cooker which also serves as a browner and a steamer for added variety to your meals all within one unit. Check out our slow cooker reviews page and wrap your head around some of the most sought after models of slow cookers available. Remember that the best rated slow cooker may not necessarily be the best slow cooker for you, so read carefully. Every model depicted is of excellent value.

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